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Okumura Yuki values 2007/9/23 12:01
I have a Okumura Yuki and I am trying to find a value for it..Can anyone help me find that type of information?
THank you
by Kelli  

... 2007/9/23 18:46
Sorry for my ignorance but what is a Okumura Yuki?
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pachinco 2007/9/24 05:36
To be honest, I am not exactly sure what it it looks like a horizontal pinball machine...
I think it is called pachinco, the one that I have says "Okumura Yuki" on the front of it.
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re: Pachinko 2007/9/24 07:34
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Thanks 2007/9/25 03:20
Thank you for the referal, but it just led me in circles...the email from "Lauri" no longer exists, and the websites are in Japanese. I have no idea what they say....
Thank you though.
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pachinko value 2007/9/25 06:58
An Okumura Yuki vintage pachinko machine recently sold on eBay for $10.00. That would appear to be the value of such a thing.
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Pacninko Info 2008/3/11 08:46
I was wondering if anyone had any new information on these machines?
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Pachinko Resource 2008/4/29 13:10
I have found this web site to be most helpful.
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Used pachinko 2008/4/29 13:26
Used pachinko machines in Japan sell for about $60.00.
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