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Buying yukata, any help? 2007/9/23 19:16

I'm heading to the Tokio in next years spring and I would like to buy a cotton made yukata from somewhere.

I'm staying Meguro in Tokio, so can someone please give me tips where to buy one? And how much will they cost?
I know that I'm pretty much buying something that I don't have any exact idea... Just want some 'cause they'r so lovely... And unfortunately I'm kind of chubby and tall person from Europe, not any small and tiny girl.
So is there any hope to get yukata?

Thank you.
by Eri  

yukata 2007/9/25 03:21
Traditionally, yukata is made from narrow rolls of fabric not like the 45" or 54" width fabric found in the US. Manufacturers are making the wider width for export but finding someone who knows how to make a yukata is another problem. There are patterns but they are "Anglicized" and Japanese stitches are different.

If you can find the wider fabric, you might be able to have one made for you. Shops that cater to tourists may have larger sizes ready made. Try going to the Asakusa district.

Good luck!
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don't worry about size 2007/9/25 10:36
Eri, just in case you're worried about your size, keep in mind that even sumo wrestlers wear yukata. Yukata for adults come in only one size. What you do is you "adjust" it by folding the waist or wrapping it tighter as you wear them. You don't stitch them to fit you.
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...and 2007/9/25 12:54
..you have to wrap it left over the right side I hear?
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