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Semi-double rooms 2007/9/23 21:52
Hi, i'll be traveling to tokyo in nov. Found out that there is semi-double rooms in some hotels & they are a lot cheaper than standard rooms. Anybody knows what is it? tks...
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Semi-double 2007/9/24 09:12

A semi-double room is a room with a semi-double bed. If anything, they are likely to be slightly more expensive than a single room, but some hotels let two people use a semi-double bed, which will be cheaper than a double or twin room. Many hotel websites show the actual size of the room in square metres, so it might be a good idea to check to see whether or not a room really is good value for money.
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semi-double room 2007/9/24 14:22
I stayed in a semi-double room once in a hotel at Lake Suwa. The bed was about 6 inches wider than a standard U.S. single bed, if I remember correctly...they sent me the dimensions but I don't have them anymore, sorry. The room was tiny but adequate for two people to move around & get dressed & all.
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semi-double 2007/9/24 15:11
in most business hotels twin beds are 4 ft wide. semi-double beds are about 1.40 metres wide and double beds are 1.50 metres wide (1.5 m.= roughly 5 ft ).
semi-double means more or less "not quite a double"
some hotels may have wider beds but don't count on it. 1.4 metres is kind of tight unless you are 2 skinny people and don't turn and toss. I find that a room with twin beds-- while a bit more expensive-- is more comfortable. More to the point for me a twin room in a cheaper hotel is better than a semi-double in a more expensive hotel.
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