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Fuji in early Oct - which 5th station? 2007/9/24 05:56
We are considering climbing Fuji during our visit to Japan, early October. I know it is out of season, but we are very experienced mountaineers and know about cold, windchill, frostbite and AMS, but fortunately also when to descend! We will probably be coming from the Tokyo area. What would be the easiest accessible 5th station (by bus? schedule?) and is there any chance of huts still being open on this route? Or should we take our down jackets and spare batteries and go for the sunset hike up and a dark descent? We are rather used to mountaineering at night...
Thanks for your suggestions!
by Rozz  

... 2007/9/24 10:05
What would be the easiest accessible 5th station

The Kawaguchiko 5th Station is the only 5th Station served by buses in the off-season. There are four buses per day from Kawaguchiko Station. And direct buses from Shinjuku on weekends.

You would need a car to access any of the other 5th Stations.

and is there any chance of huts still being open on this route?

No! The official climbing season is from July to August. Some huts are open in late June and early September.

There is a chance of snow and extreme winds near the summit.

You will have to do lots more research and preparations for a safe climb.
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Thanks... 2007/9/24 22:47
for your quick and useful reaction! Our challenges are mainly logistical: we both have over 25 years of high altitude mountaineering experience (there are some old people on this forum!), including summits more than twice as high as Fuji, in temperatures below minus 40, Mount Everest (not kidding), and Antarctica. AND we still have all our fngers and toes. We've read a lot about the actual climbing of Fuji, and yes, we will bring our GPS, crampons, ice axes and rope if necessary. So: no worries :o)!
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. 2007/9/24 23:05
Don't forget if you are climbing Fuji off season I think you are required to inform the local police station. Just to know if you did get stuck emergency response slow to none.
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back from Fuji 2007/9/24 23:44
Hi Rozz

Just back from Japan and climbed a tiny bit of Mt Fuji - unfortunately nor my friend and I have got any experience in climbing but if it can help, it got really foggy (to a point where we couldn't see 5 meters in front of us) and wet and cold after about 1 hour march so we decided to turn back. The last bus leaving from the Fifth station is at 2h30 (14h30) if I remember correctly...and I think all the huts were closed. Have a good holiday!!
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