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Sendai-Okamako-Yamadera-Naruko in 1 day? 2007/9/24 13:02
I am planning a 4-days' trip to South Tohoku in the beginning of November. Any answers/advices to my following plan?

Day1: Tokyo-Sendai by Shinkansen, visit Aoba-jo and Sendai. Sleep in Sendai. Any suggestions about accomodations?

Day2: Day trip to Shiogama & Matsushima; Sleep in Sendai.

Day3: Sendai-Okamako-Yamadera then head to Naruko Onsen for sleep. Is it feasible especially since I am pregnant(but not alone)? Can I add Akiu Otaki as well? Some precise information about the distance, transport? Is it better to make it by rented car?

The below Ryokan seems to be nice - but it is NOT in Naruko and I don't know how far it is. Any recommendations of traditionnal onsen ryokan in Naruko?

Day4: Naruko-Sendai-Tokyo.

Thanks so much!

by Lu  

... 2007/9/24 21:19
The below Ryokan seems to be nice - but it is NOT in Naruko and I don't know how far it is.
This ryokan is 5 min walk from Naruko Gotenyu station, which is the next stop from Naruko Onsen station (3min, 140 yen).
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Thanks 2007/9/25 07:45
Thanks JLady. How do you think of the agenda and necessity of rent a car?
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... 2007/9/25 11:04
Day 3 looks quite busy. And I don't think there is efficient public transportation to Okamako In fact, I can't find much information about access to the lake at all, and I don't know how much time it takes to get there.

It sounds to me like renting a car for day 3 and 4 would be a good idea. Day 1 and 2 are relatively easily possible without a car.
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if I change the agenda ... 2007/9/25 17:49
Thanks for the advices. After re-checking the interests of possible destinations around Sendai, I am thinking renting a car(from Sendai) to discover more exceptional places.

D1: Tokyo-Sendai-Akiu-Zao Onsen
D2: Zao-(Okamako)-Yamadera-Naruko
D3: Naruko-Kinkasan island
D4: Kinkasan-Matsushima-Sendai-Tokyo (surely late Shinkansen)

How does the new plan sound?

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IMO,... 2007/9/25 22:19
I think renting a car is a good idea as you wonft have to rush to catch a bus (in fact, there are two bus routs to Okama, one from Shiroishi-Zao station, another from Yamagata station,) but Day 2 and 3 plan still sound quite busy to me.

First off, please note that each way to drive from Yamadera to Naruko and Naruko to Ayukawa will take you quite a long time though I donft know the exact time.
From Okama to Yamadera is about 1.5 hour's drive. Then if you want to have a great view from Godaido, you have to climb awfully long stairs up and down and Ifm afraid it might be quite tough and possibly a bit risky for a pregnant lady.
You should also consider that the top foliage season may possibly be over by the beginning of November in Naruko Gorge, where the trail is so narrow that I canft recommend you to venture to walk it along. Day 3 plan would be feasible if you leave early in the morning, however, you need to take into consideration that the last ferry for Kinkasan leaves Ayukawa at 14:50. You can find accommodation in other onsen spots on the way to Kinkasan such as Sakunami or Akiu, which will make your itinerary less tight.

For your reference:
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