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best overnight train osaka to tokyo 2007/9/24 13:47
Osaka City
I wonder what is my best choice for overnight train to tokyo from osaka. Need to be after 21:30 - 22:00 since my flight will land in kansai airport at 20:00
is it difficult to find my way to train station? to get on with overnight train?? ....appreciate your assistance in advance...thanks a million
by Dee  

Osaka Tokyo 2007/9/24 16:31
finding the train station in Kansai airport is easy. once past the customs you will be in a big concourse. take an elevator or escalator to the second floor, go outside ,cros the bridge and you have JR. station and Nankai rail station. bad news, no overnight trains as far as I know. there are overnight buses that take 8hrs. check on this site several weks back. the earliest and fastest Shinkansens leaves from Shin-osaka at 6 am and arrive at 8:26 in Tokyo.
the last Haruka express from Kansai airport leaves at 22:16 and arrive about 1 hr later in Shin-Osaka.
it is unusual for most people to go from Kansai to Tokyo by train very late in the evening this is why there are no fast trains.
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overnight train 2007/9/24 16:40
my mistake I FOUND ONE NIGHT TRAIN but with 2 changes..
KANSAI AIRPORT(23:14) TOKYO(07:08) 18530 7hours 54min 607.8 km
2 transfers. itis quite a roundabout away and you will use 2 different rail companies . U WILL get a sleeper compartment.
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options 2007/9/25 04:27
Don't worry about finding the train station, it is incredibly easy and there are signs to guide you there.

After a long flight you might not feel like taking a long train ride... you might want to stay at a hotel for the first night. I think you can priceline a room at the airport ramada for $99 if it is something you would be interested in.

On the other hand, you will probably have about 6 hours from Osaka to Tokyo to sleep.

You can use this site to find times and fares in detail. I put in ''kansai airport'' to ''tokyo'' at 21:00 and found 4 trains for times ranging from 21:04-23:30. http://grace.hyperdia.com/cgi-english/hyperWeb.cgi

could you change your ticket to fly into Narita?
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. 2007/9/25 07:29
Dee, I also recommend either staying in Osaka overnight in a comfortable bed and taking the Shinkansen the next day.

This is especially if you are not familiar with transfers, and what happens if there is a late arrival.

If you must want an overnight options from Osaka you first need to go from Kansai Airport into Central Osaka, then make connections to:


Overnight highway Bus:
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Thank you so much for your comments 2007/9/25 07:43
You all are very kind indeed....thank you so very much for your comments...have a great day to all
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... 2007/9/25 11:15
Why not taking the plane? There are three flights from Kansai Airport to Tokyo after 8pm:

21:05 by JAL
21:25 by ANA
22:10 by JAL

Otherwise, I also recommend to either stay the first night in Osaka or take a night bus.

But just in case, here is the night train schedule from Osaka and Tokyo:

Ginga (express):
22:22 Osaka
06:42 Tokyo

Sunrise Izumo/Seto (limited express):
00:34 Osaka
07:08 Tokyo
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