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Staying in Kyoto...... 2007/9/25 01:19
Kyoto City

this is our first time in Japan and we are on a budget trip. We are planning to spend two days in Kyoto after Osaka, then up to Tokyo... My query is, to experience the traditional and cultural lifestyle (day n night) in Kyoto, where is the best place to stay in Kyoto? Should we stay near the Kyoto station or places like Gion etc or any particular area that you recommend? Include any website if available…

Many thanks
by Zue  

Depends.. 2007/9/25 12:18
..what standard of accom you are looking for?
But, after just having had a hell of a time booking anything budget in Kyoto, I'd say to do it immediately!
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Good luck! 2007/9/25 13:28
I just booked my hotels in Kyoto for my November trip. I say hotelS because at this time of year you will not find anything cheap left to book! However, I ended up getting a good deal by choosing 2 nights at one hotel, then 2 nights at another, etc etc. Yes, you have to move around a bit however if you have a budget, that's what you are going to have to do. I got my good deals at japanhotelsonline.net. Good luck!
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Traditional and cheap in Kyoto 2007/9/25 20:02
Personally, I would recommend Tani House. It is next to an amazing temple complex called Daitokuji and is run by a friendly old lady. It is a bus ride from the centre of Kyoto though, so if you prefer closer to the station and centre, I'd go with Sanki Inn or Aio-so Inn.

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hostel ok? 2007/9/26 01:26
I am not sure what you have in mind for accomodations... but I really enjoyed my stayed at J-Hoppers hostel. And I've heard good things about Tour Club Kyoto too. If you are lucky you will be able to get a private room at J-Hoppers. It is very small, but it has everything you need and is only 3000 per night. They are in walking distance of Kyoto Station, a grocery store, a pharmacy, a cheap kaiten sushi place, and a few other little neat shops like a bakery, a cake store, and a mochi shop.
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forgot to mention 2007/9/26 01:29
In Kyoto their subway only has two lines... north/south and east/west. They do have a very good bus system though. I found myself taking the bus a lot in Kyoto (Osaka has a great subway system though). Just pick up a bus map from wherever you choose to stay and you should be ok. You may want to inquire about the closest bus stop before you make a reservation.

(And J-Hoppers has a bus stop out front and is close to a subway station too)
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