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JR lines? 2007/9/25 01:40
Kyoto City
Hi All

I never used the JR pass before, I usually get my uncle to drive me around everytime i visit, but this time I am going with a bigger crowd, and we are going to cities outside of Kyoto and Tokyo, so we've purchased a JR pass each.

My question is, when I am in Tokyo, I notice that the Tokyo subway map only show 2 lines with "JR" marking - JR Yamanote Line and JR Line. Does that mean these are the only subway line that I can use the JR pass for? What about other lines like Shinjuku, Ginza and such?
by godwine  

. 2007/9/25 09:56
JR lines are not subway lines. You have to remember, terminology used counts.

Subway lines in Tokyo are operated by Tokyo Metro and Toei. So things like the Ginza Line, Shinjuku line etc NO.
If it is a Subway Line you cannot use the JR Pass on. Only JR lines.
List of JR lines in the greater Tokyo area:

In Central Tokyo you can use pretty much all JR lines listed there.

For Tokyo, the only two JR lines you should really concern yourself with is the YAMANOTE LINE and the CHUO LINE:

There about a dozen other JR lines that go in and out of Tokyo, you really don't need to worry about using these lines, but if you needed to, you can with the JR Pass.
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thanks 2007/9/25 10:33
Thanks John, does that mean all the lines here: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/info/map_a4ol.pdf

are covered by the JR pass?

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. 2007/9/25 10:36
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. 2007/9/25 10:40
A minor note, you might also see some thin lines there on the map. Those are NOT covered by the JR pass. But I wouldn't worry about it too much those lines are lines you probably won't be using anyways.
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