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Do night train routes run in reverse? 2007/9/25 04:27
I've read the great page on here about night train routes, and I've had a great trip on the overnight train from Tokyo to Matsue, but I'm stuck for an answer so I hope you can help me please.

This year we're flying in to KIX, and will have a week or so in the Kansai/Shikoku general area. We're then thinking about heading somewhere north of Tokyo, and were wondering about whether there are overnight trains running INTO Tokyo.

I know there's an overnight train (Sunrise Seto) from Tokyo to Takamatsu, but is there an overnight train from Takamatsu to Tokyo?

I've tried searching the Hyperdia timetable, using departure times in the evening, and can't find anything. Is this right?

Thanks for your help.
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. 2007/9/25 09:59
In general yes. How would people return back if trains didn't run in both directions?

If a train went from Tokyo - Takamatsu, be assured there's a Takamatsu-Tokyo train.

Researching hyperdia, the Takamatsu-Tokyo train departs at 21:26
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