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night bus or train?: tokyo~kyoto 2007/9/25 14:06
Kyoto City
We are arriving narita late afternoon 1 november, a thursday. want to go that night to kyoto~~but by night bus or by "moonlight nagara? Also will not be able to reserve either as maybe last minute date arrival change. So~~any problem getting train or bus? and if train can we get ticket all the way from narita? thanks.
by alan  

in the evening to Kyoto from Narita 2007/9/25 17:51
The following connection you can book at JR Narita reservation window after your arrival and this will be the last connection on Nov 1st: lv Narita Airport 19.43 h by Narita Express to Shinagawa arr 21.02 h change to nozomi shinkansen lv Shinagawa 21.27 h arrive Kyoto 23.31 h. Total around Yen 16 000. If you arrive earlier there are many earlier trains, too. Would be the most comfortable way ( no need to go to Shinjuku bus station, unsecure reservation situation ) but not the cheapest.
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thanks Peter but too expensive 2007/9/25 18:32
thanks peter but too expensive..and midnight in kyoto! wanting either the bus or the "moonlight nagara' train~~but i assume if we want that cheaper train we can book/buy it also at narita?
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Night Bus from Tokyo to Kyoto 2007/9/25 19:56
I also recommend looking into the 123Bus company as they specialise in night buses and can be booked online and in English.
You need to click on the Tokyo to Osaka route for Kyoto.

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Tokyo Kyoto in the night 2007/9/25 21:10
I am not familiar with night trains, but as far as I know: Moonlight nagara does not go to Kyoto but to Ogaki only. You can book at JR Narita reservation window as long as free seats are available. This will be your problem: No seats means you are blocked at Narita airport and airport is not open during the night, so you need last second hotel booking. If you are on a budget the night bus would be a better option. Of course problem again: You book in advance online as mentioned earlier, you flight is delayed, you miss the booked bus means no refund.
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. 2007/9/25 22:01
The Moonlight Nagara doesn't go to Kyoto, and you need to transfer at a later time.

Considering you are traveling on the cheap, altnernate options include:
Overnight bus:

changing your ticket to fly into Kansai Airport or Nagoya (Centrair) Airport instead of Narita Airport. If not possible, see if you can make a connection from Narita into ITM, KIX, NGO or even Kobe.
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