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Buying Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) 2007/10/1 20:27
I might be going to Tokyo for the New Year and was wondering how to go about getting these grab bags.

Would departmental stores open earlier than usual on 1st Jan for purchase of these bags and how early should one normally queue?

Would appreciate any help/advice!
by Mel  

... 2007/10/2 19:28
It depends on department stores but most start selling Fukubukuro on January 2nd. At some stores, you can "reserve" one in advance.
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... 2007/10/4 12:18
Ah, I see.
Is there like a limit to the number of bags available and how much one could purchase?

Thanks for your help by the way!
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... 2007/10/4 12:23
there are no limits of fukubukuro you can buy, as long you have the cash you can buy as many as you want. also please note that fukubukoro comes in many pricing, it can be as cheap as 2000 up to 10,000 or more.
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reserving? 2007/10/4 23:55
Hmm, I see.

Any idea how to go about ''reserving'' a bag?
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... 2007/10/5 12:35
Major department store start accepting reservation late December. Reservation counters are normally placed near the display of bags.
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... 2007/10/6 01:32
Thanks so much for all the help! :)
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