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ninja restaurant 2007/10/2 07:59
hello im trying to find the website of the ninja reataurant to make a reservation but the one www.ninja.tv has expired anyone know of any other websites or ways to contact from overseas thanks
by carmen  

... 2007/10/2 20:14
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thank you 2007/10/3 05:10
thanks so much
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Thank you from me as well 2008/2/19 09:39
I had to say thank you also. I was going crazy trying to find the real website. My friends were making fun of me saying I couldn't find it because it was a ninja website and I was not ninja enough.
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Ninja Wedding 2008/2/19 10:31
That places offers Ninja weddings too I guess, I wonder how that would turn out..
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been there now 2008/2/19 11:40
hello been to japan and home again loved the ninja restaurant well worth the money in my book esp. if your a ninja fan, although it is a bit hard to know if its the right door or not when you enter
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interesting... 2008/2/21 08:22
looks very interesting... but it seems pretty pricey!
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um 2008/3/3 09:33
do you HAVE to book? or can i just rock up and eat there?
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Rock Up 2008/3/4 04:21
I'm wondering the same thing. Also, I fully intend to tuck that phrase into my vocabulary for future use.

Is there an English translation anywhere, perhaps written by a very dedicated Ninja Restaurant fan?
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best to 2008/3/4 07:49
its probably best to book as it was quite busy and we were there on a tuesday night. we found it easiest to write down the time date phone number and ask the reception of the hostle to book it for us.
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ninja reservation 2008/3/6 18:01
You can book online from their site, though the instructions in English are not easy to follow.

When I made a reservation, I simply called them up and asked for a table and they have an english speaker on staff most of the time.
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Try to go 2008/3/8 03:32
I can't remember exactly how much it cost but you must go if you can.
I went with my wife, sister in law and her husband (all Japanese) and it was pure entertainment from the moment we stepped through the door. I wont tell you any more as it will spoil the surprises. Some English is spoken by some of the ninjas.
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blog entry 2008/4/25 12:37
If you don't want to be completely surprised you can read my blog entry here

don`t worry though, no spoilers.
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trying to book a day 2008/5/20 05:30
I am trying to book a day in Oct but the list only goes to June

Is that right
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expensive but worth trying it 2009/10/30 02:45
As far as I remember, I paid more than 9000 yen in this restaurant (the menu course was around 7000 yen, but the surprise at the end was that 20% of the bill was added as "service fees").

really expensive, but I don't regret. the food was good and the spectacle very cool.

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