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flowers at funerals 2007/10/3 06:32
is it true that at a funeral in Japan that flowers (white) are passed out as guests arrive and then at the end they lay the flowers on a table to be buried with the person???
by clint purvis  

Flowers 2007/10/3 10:47

The exact procedure probably varies from place to place, but at the last funeral I went to, flowers were handed out to mourners to be placed in the casket before it was closed.
At funerals for famous people broadcast on TV, I've seen people laying flowers on a table - presumably because there would be to many to go in the casket.
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Not to be buried 2007/10/4 10:02
Most bodies in Japan are crimated, due to traditional custom and modern law.

As Dave explained, in buddist funerals flowers are usually handed to close ones to place around the deseased just before cremation. You are free to step aside and resign from this procedure.

In christian funerals, flowers are handed to every person joining the ceremony and is usually to be placed on a table right in front of the deseased.

In any case, not many people are used to attending funerals. You are explained every step you should make, and if not, you can just immitate the person in front of you.

Hope this answers your question.
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The price of cinerary casket in japan 2008/6/14 22:36
Can you tell me the price of cinerary caskets Japanese use ?Thank you !
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