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Laptop Computers in Japan 2007/10/3 11:27
Thinking about buying a laptop before my trip to Japan - would be good to look up train schedules etc and of course communicate with home. Journal on, store photos etc. Wonder if wireless is common in Japan. Or would I be better off in internet cafe??What about prices - might even consider purchase there.
by Murchie  

Wifi 2007/10/3 12:16

Free wi-fi is not at all common in Japan, although many hotels offer free LAN connections in their rooms.
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Laptop 2007/10/6 16:27
I wouldn't buy any electronics in Japan, if you plan to take it back to the states. Some items don't covert well and it's not always cheaper. We got a camera in Korea and had to pay more for it to be in English.
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Laptop 2007/10/6 21:14
When you buy a laptop in Japan you will get a laptop with a Japanese Windows Vista (or XP), a Japanese power adapter and a Japanese keyboard. If you wanna have a English Windows Vista (or XP) or English keyboard, you have to pay a lot more, so I think it's cheaper to buy one in your own country
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. 2007/10/7 07:29
FREESPOT is worth considering.
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Computer for Japan 2007/10/7 09:10
I bought a Sony laptop over a year ago in the US, and it works on Japanese power just fine. I also got a Netgear travel router that also works on US, and Japanese power. I plug the travel router into the lan and I have my own WIFI. In fact I am in Japan now, in a small town writing this. They have WIFI here, the first I have found.
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