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JR Pass question (again) 2007/10/3 13:03
Hi All,
Planning to visit Japan for the 1st time. question:
Does JR Pass valid strictly on JR lines only? for instance:
In Tokyo, I can travel only on JR Yamanote line, not valid for other non-JR lines such as Akasuka, Shinjuku?
if not, any advices please on what other tickets should I buy on top of JR Pass? Thank you.
by eriksson  

... 2007/10/3 14:15
JR pass is valid only for JR lines. In Tokyo, for example, you can use the passs for Yamanote, Sobu, Chuo, Keihin-Tohoku, Tokaido, Joban, Saikyo, Shonan-Shinjuku lines and so on.

Akasaka and Shinjuku are the name of stations and do not represent lines.
(But I think there's no JR stations near Akasaka)

Your option would be buy Suica/Pasmo rechargeble card and use this card only for non-JR lines. Or if you can pay individual tickets for non-JR lines.
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Shinjuku and Asakusa lines 2007/10/3 14:25

The poster was probably thinking of the Toei Shinjuku and Asakusa subway lines, but your advice still stands.
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still not get it 2007/10/3 21:03
JLady & Dave, Thanks for your responses, but,
I still don't get it.
I am looking at Tokyo Subway Map from the Lonely Planet.(2004)
try to understand from the map legend: there are more than 15 main lines which represented with each different color . EG:Chiyoda line is represented with green color.
Mita line with blue color and so on.
for example: i want to travel from Ikebukuro to Roppongi, i have option 1 : take the Yamanote line, stop at Yoyogi, then take Oedo line to Roppongi.
option 2: stop at Ebisu (H02) then take Hibiya line -grey color to get to Ropponggi.
Are these two options covered by JR Pass? Sorry for this confusing. thanks again.

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Tokyo subway 2007/10/3 22:04
The Tokyo subway is non-JR and therefore you cannot use JR Pass. But please do not buy JR Pass because of travel within Tokyo. At 28300 Yen for the Pass compared to Yen 160 for a subway ride this makes no sense. JR Pass is only value for long distance train travel.
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train pass in Dec 2007/10/3 23:51
For those of you who plan to travel in Dec and this also occurs at other times there is a special pass which is available for 5 days - but you can only buy from Dec1 -
use from Dec 10 = available in Japan and for tourists - is written up under transportation on this website. You can buy more than one - it around 11000Y Might solve some of the problems -!!
Happy travels.
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thank you all. 2007/10/4 20:13
Got it.
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Late arrival in Tokyo 2007/10/5 01:09
I'll be arriving Narita at around 9:30 pm and found that it's too late for the limousine service to my hotel. Can I take the JR train with 6 pieces of luggage? Other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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Luggage 2007/10/5 01:26
It will be a Herculean task to tug all that luggage in the train. The trains will not be crowded that time of the day, but I don't think there is enough time or storage space to handle that kind of luggage. My suggestion will be to carry maybe two pieces that you can handle easily on the train and give the rest to a luggage delivery service. They are called takyubins (sp?). You can find them at the airport. I have used them and it is really a painless process. If they can't deliver that night, just keep the things you need for that night or a day or two in the bags that you will carry.

Here is a website where you can find their contact and location in the Narita airport complex.

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... 2007/10/6 11:04
Regulations limit the number of pieces of luggage to be brought onto trains to two per person.
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