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Nikko - Chuzenji Lake - Koyo? 2007/10/3 20:00
When is the best time to go to Nikko this month to see koyo? For the Chuzenji area, it is usually late September to early November, but it depends on the weather. I checked this webpage:


but, I'm still not sure when to go. It says that for Nikko it's November 6th. Is it to early to go next Saturday (13th)?
by Joe  

... 2007/10/4 10:39
According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), autumonal foliage will come later than usual this year. As of September 27th, JMA forecasts the best period for Chuzenji would be from Mid-October to late-October.

Do you read Japanese? Then, you can check the current situation in this site.
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Chuzenji 2007/10/4 13:15
That site was exactly what I was looking for. It has photos that are updated regularly to see the changes. Thanks a lot.

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How about 2nd week of Nov? 2007/10/4 14:28
I have plan go to Japan on
2nd week of Nov.
can you tell me
which place/spot will probably great for the koyo?
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... 2007/10/4 16:06
you can check out the translated page here:

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Already Fall? 2007/10/4 16:32
I saw just one picture with signs of Fall already.

Take a look at this picture.

I'm so excited, I'm originally from Connecticut so it would be like I never left home!
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I.m sure . . . 2007/10/5 08:04
. . . people get confused with Nikko. Nikko is two-sided. The 'lower' area near the train station changes color in mid November (that's when you see all the pics in the news). The 'upper' area from Chuzenji to Yuhoko lake changes in October.

There is a nice hiking path in the latter area, complete with boardwalks and a waterfall (and tour groups). I visited on Nov. 12 and the leaves were all off the trees! Definitely October is the best there. The lower area was OK for autumn leaves, not bad for a warm autumn that year.
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Chuzenji 2007/10/5 15:39
I also found information here on Yahoo! Japan's website.

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Confused... 2007/10/5 15:42
I just checked this on the same site and it says late September to early October, what the heck?

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Nevermind... 2007/10/5 16:42
I overlooked the Japanese, that was the yearly average.

Anyway, this site has lots of locations metnioned for enjoying koyou, does anybody see anything interesting for the Kanto or Toukai region?
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Ryuzu no Taki 2007/10/11 08:22
This was taken yesterday (10/10)


The other areas like Kegon no Taki are still green.
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Joe... 2007/10/12 01:06
how did u get the latest picture ? Can share me the link ?

Me needs to know the situation at Kamikochi too . Thanks !
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Koyo Website 2007/10/12 08:04
From here:


You have you click on the links located on the left. For example T is (Chuzenji Lake).
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Ryuzu Waterfalls! 2007/10/17 11:54
Just checked the page again and this area is almost fully developed for Autumn. This was taken yesterday (10/16):


Kegon Waterfalls are still not at the same level, so I don't know if I should go this weekend or next. If I go next weekend, would the leaves near Ryuzu still be there?
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Autumn leaves in late Nov? 2009/11/10 01:15

I am planning to go to Nikko on around 26 Nov.
How will the area around Lake Chuzenji be expected to look like then?

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... 2009/11/10 07:55
Vegetation will be barren. There might be some snow.
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