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Tokyo Stion 2007/10/3 20:28
Tokyo 23-ku
i have a 12 hour stopover in tokyo...is that enough time to head into tokyo station and have a look around near the station?...Are their any computer arcades near the station?

by Runi  

... 2007/10/4 10:28
12 hour stop over...When do you arrive in Narita and when do you depart?

If you arrive in Narita early in the morning and depart in the evening, I think it is worth coming over to central Tokyo and visit Akihabara.
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12 hours in Tokyo 2007/10/4 16:18
hour 0: arrive, immigration, luggage storage, money exchange, buy N'express/Suica tourist ticket for next Narita Express to Tokyo station. hour 1: board Narita Express hour 2 arrive Tokyo station, exit Marounuchi walk through Marounuchi business area to Nijubashi bridge, hour 3 walk back via Yurakucho and Ginza area to Higashi-Ginza subway station, hour 4 Take ToeAsakusa subwayline to Asakusa, visit Asakusa temple area, hour 5.30 board ship along Sumida river to Hama Rikyu garden hour 6 stroll along garden, hour 7 walk to Shimbashi station along new area Shiodome, hour 8 from Shimbashi by JR Yamanote line to Akihabara hour 10 from Akihabara by JR Yamanote line to Nishi Nippori, board Keisei train to Narita airport hour 11.30 h arrive Airport.
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Further info 2007/10/4 19:52
Thanks for your help....
i arrive at 9.15 am
plane leaves 8.35 so uess i need to be back at the airport at around 6. meaning leaving tokyo at around 4.45 - 5.00.
So heag into toyko station...is there much walking distance from their..there is the imperial palace..looking for arcades..shops..i gather there is ggod food at the station?
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soem hours in Tokyo station area 2007/10/4 22:49
Take the 10.16 h Narita Express to Tokyo, arr 11.10 h , stroll around ( yes outside area of Imperial Palace is in walking distance, no visit inside possible ). Yes you can concentrate of Tokyo station area, but it is only 4 min and Yen 130 by JR Yamanote line to Akihabara ( = 'electric town' and in this wording the signs show you the right exit ). Back to Tokyo station for the 17.33 h Narita Express arrive airport 18.28 h.
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... 2007/10/12 03:15
If you arrive in Tokyo Station and don't want to travel far, but still see some of Tokyo, you could do worse, imho, than:
- straight to Tsukiji to catch it before it all closes. Sushi lunch at the market.
- walk back through Ginza. Check out the Sony centre to see all sorts of new electronic gizmos. Also maybe the (?Honda?) showroom with more new technology. And although it's not as super-busy as say Shinjuku, you'll get to experience all the neon and modern buildings that is many people's vision of Tokyo
- Imperial Palace (via the Exhibition Centre - is it called Tokyo Forum? The amazing building that's like an upside-down ship)
- early dinner either at the station or in a department store in Ginza (I know this sounds odd, but stations and department stores are great places for a good broad selection of all sorts of Japanese food. If you're only on a short trip, then department stores are also great places to see traditional Japanese crafts like ceramics, kimonos, etc in a really short space of time, and you can pick up some gifts or souvenirs).

Hope that helps
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