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Japan first time 2007/10/4 22:11
Hey all,

I am heading off to Japan in early december. Im a 22 yo guy.I have never been to Japan before. I will be arriving in Nagoya. I will be staying in Japan for 11 nights and 10 days. What do you recomend i do for the period?(plan to stay in tokyo for a few nights).

I'll most likely be going for moderate accomodation and budget food.

Thanks in advance.
by Andrew  

... 2007/10/5 10:15
Depends on what you wanna do there. History? Nature? Modern life? Nagoya is large enough to host foreign travellers.

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Head to Kyoto 2007/10/6 22:13
If you have no plans and are going completely "foot loose," head to Kyoto from the Nagoya Airport and stay at some place like J Hoppers or Ks House (both have web sites in English). At places like these you can talk to other foreign travelers to see what they've done and what they're going to do to give you ideas on the fly. Almost all foreign tourists bottleneck in Kyoto on their itineraries, and can give opinions on all the places they've already been. While in Kyoto, you also have a lot of options of things to do and see.
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