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JR Local & JR Pass 2007/10/5 00:36
Sorry, I am still confused. What is the difference between JR Local & JR Pass (are they not the same). When you mentioned non-JR line, are you referring to Tokyo Metro or others.
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JR 2007/10/5 10:26
The JR Pass is a booklet that lets you use all JR lines in Japan. This includes all shinkansen/bullet trains (because they're all operated by JR) and all of JR's local train lines which cover pretty much all of Japan. Many people just say "JR Lines". Within Tokyo, the JR (Local) Lines include the circular JR Yamanote Line, the JR Chuo-Sobu Line that cuts through the city, and others.

Some JR (local) lines are very long, such as the JR Chuo Line which essentially connects Tokyo to Nagoya, so don't confuse the word "local" with "in a small area". "Local" just means "a train that stops at every station on the train line". However, often "rapid" or "(other)" classified trains travel on JR lines, alongside "local" trains.

Tokyo is serviced by JR a bit, but often it is easier to use one of the city's metro lines, divided into two companies, Tokyo Metro (e.g. Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, others) and Toei (e.g. Shinjuku Line, Mita Line). Other cities have their own companies that operate within the city itself. Of course, none of these train lines are JR, so you cannot use your pass for travel on any of these lines. I know, it sucks.

In general, you'll find when you travel that non-JR companies operate relatively small areas within cities or prefectures, while JR lines, both local & shinkansen, are used to get from one city to the next (i.e. long distance travel).
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JR pass 2007/10/5 10:53
Me too, at first glance, I thought with JR PASS, I can travel freely in the whole network.
but in fact, it is not.:-(
JR should put more publication on this, considering that JR pass holder are for tourist-visitors.
Stating clearly that JR Pass is mainly for traveling inter-city & some parts of network in inner city.
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... 2007/10/5 11:07
Keep in mind Not only JR(former public company) but also many purely private railway companies operate passenger service in Japan.

In the 6 large cities in Japan, each cities operate their own subway networks too.

JRP is valid only for JR.
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Japan Rail Pass 2007/10/5 11:55

Eriksson wrote:

JR should put more publication on this, considering that JR pass holder are for tourist-visitors.

Details are clearly provided in seven different languages. I'm not sure what more they could be expected to do.

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