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Leave a suitcase in Tokyo for 3 weeks 2007/10/5 01:45
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi everybody !

My boyfriend and me are actually in Japan for a 2 months trip. We are staying for 1 month in Tokyo and on the 19th of October, we will travel in Japan for 3 weeks. Then, we will stay a few days more in Tokyo before going back to France. We wanted to know if it is possible to leave our heavy suitcase (full of shopping stuff ^^) in some place in Tokyo (like a coin locker or anything else) and travel "light" with only our backpacks. We thank you very much for your help and advices
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Luggage Storage 2007/10/5 12:08
You can store your luggage at coin lockers in larger stations or at the Narita Airport. Howeever, it will be very expensive for 3 weeks.


You can use self-storage type of places for around JPY7500 per month, but will need a depsit. For 3 weeks, this option appears to be cheaper.


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Hotel 2007/10/5 12:09
It's possble that if you stay for a month in the same hotel in Tokyo, travel for 3 weeks and return to the same hotel, that you could leave your suitcases there. It may be best to contact the hotel before you go and aks them.
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Limitation 2007/10/5 12:16
I agree with Sandy. Coin lockers at major stations can be used only for 3 days. Even "Luggage Storage Office (Tenimotsu Azukarisho)" can keep your luggage only for 15 days.
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Leave a suitcase in Tokyo for 3 weeks 2007/10/6 00:32
Thank you all for your advices ! I agree on the fact that leaving our suitcase at the hotel for 3 weeks would be the best choice but we are actually renting an apartment... We should make a reservation in an hotel for the last few days of our trip and ask if it is possible to store our luggage for 3 weeks. Or maybe we could use the self storage as TravelToJapan suggested to us...
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