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knives and multitools 2007/10/5 05:03
I live in America and it is perfectly normal for me to carry a pocket knife and a multi tool wherever I go. I keep them in my backpack while at work but in other situations I might wear my pocket knife in my pocket.
I am going to Japan soon. My first reaction was to pack my multi tool and pocket knife but then I realized that might not be O.k.

Are there laws or customs about carrying knives and/or multi tools in Japan? I know swords have to be licensed.
by John  

... 2007/10/5 10:32
According to this website:


You can legally carry fixed blades up to 6cm, folding blades up to 8cm, and scissors up to 8cm.

Swords are classified with a blade of 15cm or longer.

Assuming your knives and multitools fit these regulations then your biggest problem will be airport security. Don't forget to put your knives into your checked luggage.
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thanks 2007/10/5 11:00
Awesome, thanks for the info!
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