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Japanese forwarding address 2007/10/6 21:05
I am trying to find a reasonably priced service that will provide me with a Japanese postal address that will then forward my mail to the UK. Does anyone know of such a system? Thanks
by Richard  

Baggage Forwarding Services 2007/10/16 03:05
I have been looking for such services as well (to HK instead of UK). This appears to be the most economical so far:
Their "Only One" option looks particularly reasonable and useful.
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A good forwarding service from Japan 2008/4/3 19:37
Hi all,

I use https://www.japantodoor.com/ to forward thing for me from Japan.

You have to sign up with them, and its only 15 USD per month. Its little different than the regular mail forwarding, cause you have to inform them every package that is going there and not just like a mail box.

However, I found their system for member is quite amazing! All my arrived items are informed and tracked in real time! No other site i have use has that!

Hope this help! ^_^
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