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Do Japanese DS games have furigana? 2007/10/7 04:14
I'm looking to import some Games for Ds, They look as though they are aimed at younger children, so i was wondering if some games come with furigana over the kanji, because that would be most usefull!
Also, if you know pacific games which do come with furigana, could you tell?
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.. 2008/4/8 08:01

to avoid a repeat of what happened above
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... 2008/4/8 09:24
Do Japanese DS games have furigana?

It depends on the game. Ones aimed at younger audiences (like the ones you may be looking at) will likely have furigana.
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. 2008/4/24 02:09
I don't think few DS games have furigana. When players are young children, the game will simply use kana only (as in Pokemon).

Drawing kanji and furigana could be kind of hassle on a small and cheap machine like Nintendo DS.
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. 2008/4/24 02:10
Sorry, I meant I think few DS games have furigana.
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Zeruda 2008/4/28 00:15
The Zeruda DS game has furigana if you touch kanji you can't readwith stylus it shows the reading
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DS Kanji 2008/4/28 01:51
Nazotte has furigana in the portion that matters, but not in the instructions. You can pretty much figure out what to do without instructions though.
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not alot 2009/8/31 03:14
i've only seen a few that have furigana! Zelda is probably the best because when you tap the kanji it turns into kana which is very useful! the Nazotte game has some too although if you're having trouble with kanji I would'nt play that yet.

Pokemon is good for kana, also try games like Anpanman no Asobo, Do-ra-ga-na (hiragana and katakana and also some kani practice in the form of writing them with the stylus)

Taiko no Tatsujin is good because you don't need to know what everything says to play it but if you steadily note down the kanji and research it, you'll actually understand everything in that game in no time!

Try My Japanese Coach because it has a reference section with lots of phrases with the romaji under the japanese so you can tell which part is the kana for the kanji.

So I hope that helps!
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. 2009/8/31 07:59
Technically speaking, tapping kanji and having it turn to kana isn't furigana. Though that's debatable. Furigana is a reading aid that appears with kanji.
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-w-/ 2009/10/19 21:33
Shugo Chara is also a title for furigana-enabled DS game.
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. 2009/10/21 16:48
Games that are aimed at small children, or simply at children sometimes come without kanji. All instructions are in kana...
When it`s a game for older people however, it`s not very cnvenient to write furigana with kanji on such a small screen...
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Listing of games from late 2008 onwards 2010/2/21 19:15
I found a site that seems to list whether games have furigana or not starting from the second half of 2008 onwards. They have titles divided first by release date, and then by rating/whether they have furigana or not.

2008 2nd half:

2009 1st half:

2009 2nd half:

2010 1st half:

I'm pretty sure that the games listed under the 「ふりがなが振られた」sections have furigana.
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