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What do I need for my new Bento hobby? 2007/10/7 08:19
For my birthday my mother bought me a bento box theme cook book. She's just asked me what I want for Christmas and I know I want things for making Bento boxes!
There's an ebay store here: http://stores.ebay.com/Bento-Obento-Shop
She sells all kinds of bento supplies. Can someone with bento making experience tell me what I should start with (and ask mom for)?
I already have a small sanrio box with utensils.
Should I get plastic reusable dividers or are the paper kind best?
Is a fish shaped shoy sauce bottle too cute to pass up?
If I get a oshibori cloth, should I get a bento box that has a slot for it? Is this common?
Do egg molds go in the microwave, or do you just shove a cooked egg in there?

If anyone has a picture of their own bento supplies that would be great!
by Tracy  

. 2007/10/7 22:15
so cute hobby :)
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some bento sites 2007/10/8 08:01
Here are some bento blogs for inspiration.

Adventures in Bentomaking
Bento Yum
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Pikko! 2007/10/10 08:59
Nanshi, thank you so much! I used to play the same MMO as Pikko and we used to talk all the time. I haven't thought of her for years and now I find out that she has a bento blog! You have reunited me with an old friend and a useful resource. Thanks!
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