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Using JR Pass to ride Tsukuba Express? 2007/10/7 13:12
Is the Tsukuba Express part of the JR line of trains/JR Pass?
Also, Is it worth it to buy a JR Pass if going Narita - Tokyo - Tsukuba - Nikko - Tsukuba - Hakone - Tokyo- Narita? Help! Traveling with children, so would like to take most convenient/fastest route, not necessarily cheapest.
by Carina  

trains 2007/10/7 16:57
Tsukuba Express is a private line which is not owned by JR, so you cannot you the JR pass to ride it. It doesn't seem like you will get your money's worth if you buy a pass for that itinerary. You can't use the pass to get all the way to Hakone either, you will need to change to an Odakyu train at Odawara.
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... 2007/10/7 17:26
As mentioned, the Japan Rail Pass does not pay off for your itinerary. I would rather look into the Nikko Free Pass and Hakone Free Pass.

A comfortable route would be as follows:

Akihabara - (Tsukuba Express) - Tsukuba - (Tsukuba Express and Tobu Railways via Kita-Senju or Asakusa; get on a Tobu limited express for reserved seats) - Tobu-Nikko - (JR/Tobu limited express, evt. one transfer at Shimo-Imaichi) - Shinjuku - (Odakyu Railways; romance express for additonal comfort) - Hakone - (Odakyu Railways) - Shinjuku - (Narita Express) - Narita Airport
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Thank you! 2007/10/8 10:52
Thank you both for the answers to my question. I wasn't sure I understood my maps, but now do. I will look into the Nikko and Hakone Free Passes. Regards.
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