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Narita bookstores 2007/10/7 23:58
I am trying to find two music books available in Japan. Can anyone send me websites from Narita bookstores? Thanks. Paul
by PAul Mason  

... 2007/10/8 22:11
Do you mean bookstores at the airport or in Narita City? And you're after music score?
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Narita bookstores 2007/10/16 05:11
I want to have an Air Canada flight attendant pick up music books for me. Is Narita far from the airport? I wanted store websites so I can ask if they have the books I want. I want "ALL THOSE JAZZ STANDARD" It is a two-book set, a red book and a green book. The ISBN #'s are
4-11-774011-3 AND 4-11-774012-1
Thank you for your help.
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bookstore at Narita 2007/10/16 06:30
There is a nice Tsutaya bookstore at one area of International Departures...can't remember exactly where, but it's before Security. There are others but that's the only name I remember.
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also... 2007/10/16 17:19
just as easy to amazon.co.jp order it and have it shipped to you.

and any kinokuniya bookstore in the USA can also import it for you.


otherwise, the narita airport bookstores are small, and geared for travellers - magazines, books to read on the plane, gifts, so it's not likely, IMO, this book will be there. You'd have to visit a regular full-sized bookstore to get it.
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