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Large-Size Shoe Shop in Tokyo? 2007/10/8 00:59
Hi all,

Does anyone know of a women's shoe store in Tokyo that sells shoes bigger than 25.5cm? I am probably around 27 or 28cm, and i am really struggling to buy work shoes in this country.

Any help with this question would be much appreciated, as i am now in desperate need of work shoes!

by S.  

Ten 2007/10/8 11:52

Ten in Nishi-Shinjuku is a specialist store for large-size shoes (27 and over for men, and up to 28 for women).
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XXL 2007/10/8 13:03
Actually that's a question worth asking in a more general manner.

You're a 6'6" guy in Tokyo and you realise that your clothes are getting a bit tattered, and you need another long shirt.

Where do you go?
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Gotanda 2007/10/8 19:31
The is a "large shoe" store on the west side of JR Gotanda Station (3 stops south of Shibuya on the Yamanote line).

If I recall correctly, it has sizes up to 33 !!!!!!

There is also a London Sports outlet store in Ogawamachi, near the crossing of Yasakuni Dori & Hongo Dori(southwest corner) about 30m along in Yasakuni Dori. They have SOME sizes in sports shoes up to about 29. They are also heavily discounted.
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Thanks!! 2007/10/8 23:56
Thanks to everyone for your great advice on where to go for larger size shoes!

I am hitting the stores tomorrow on my day off!


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Found Shoes! 2007/10/9 21:36

Just letting you know that I ended up buying 2 pairs of work shoes at 'Ten', after checking all the other places out. It's soo good to know I can get large sized shoes from now on.

Thanks again everyone! :-)
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"Ten" Shoe Store Shinjuku 2008/2/25 17:30
I found a store called "Ten -- Big Shoes Collection" in Shinjuku which had a lot of larger sizes in shoes for men and women, from 25cm upwards plus wider fittings too. The address is 7-8-13 Nishi Shinjuku. It's right next to a Tully's Coffee Shop and just a few doors down the same side of the street from Hirokoji Post Office on a busy main road. Take the D4 exit from Shinjuku station, cross the street and walk away from the station, and you'll come to it in ten minutes or so. The phone number is 03-3369-7511 and their website is http://shoes-ten.com

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Queen's Himiko 2008/5/27 18:30
I went to TEN and found a very large assortment of shoes up to 27cm. There's also a men's section. There's another store in the passageways between JR Shinjuku and Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Stations. It is called QUEEN'S HIMIKO. The selection is not as large as Ten, but still very nice. Where ever you go, be prepared to pay over 10,000 JPY/pair. Here's the map.http://www.himiko.co.jp/queens/q_web.pdf
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