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Japan Itinerary 2007/10/9 02:44
- 2 weeks ~ 15 days
- Late October/Early November '08

Day 1 - Arrive in Nagoya
Day 2 - Nagoya
Day 3 - Nagoya
Day 4 - Leave Nagoya for Kyoto (early morning)
Day 5 - Kyoto
Day 6 - Leave Kyoto for Nagoya (evening)
Day 7 - Nagoya
Day 8 - Nagoya
Day 9 - Nagoya
Day 10 - Nagoya
Day 11 - Leave Nagoya for Hakone/Mt. Fuji (early morning)
Day 12 - Leave Hakone/Mt. Fuji for Tokyo (late afternoon)
Day 13 - Tokyo
Day 14 - Tokyo
Day 15 - Leave for Home

Is this a good plan for 2 weeks? We don't yet know what we're doing in each city yet tho...
I am also wondering how much do you think we need to save up? I was thinking $2000 min. There are 3 of us going. When in Nagoya, we will be staying at a relatives house, so no worry about cost there. But we're probably going to stay in hotels in Kyoto/Hakone/Tokyo.
We are planning to take the Shinkansen to Kyoto and Hakone/Tokyo (but I hear it's pretty expensive? I can't find the price for one way, only the JR rail pass...)
Any input would be great, thanks!
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... 2007/10/9 07:33
I can't find the price for one way, only the JR rail pass...

Prices are mentioned in the transportation sections of this website and can also be looked up at the following websites:
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Not enough 2007/10/9 09:39
For 3 of you $2000 will not be enough. If you stay at backpackers hotels, or share a room at a ryokan and donft use the Shinkansen you may be OK. One day at Kyoto is not enough. If you want to see some of the night life, and temples. It will take at least 2, or 3 days.
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re: Not enough 2007/10/9 10:13
Oops, I meant $2000 for EACH of us. Sorry about the confusion. And yeah, we are actually debating about whether to stay an extra day in Kyoto, which I think would be a good idea.
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Ise Shrine 2007/10/9 11:21
Hi, If you are staying in Nagoya for a few days, I would like to suggest you to visit Ise Shrine in Mie prefecture, if possible, which is fairly closed to Nagoya by train.
It is one of the most beautiful and greatest shrine and compounds.
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