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visiting japan without booked hotel 2007/10/9 07:50
Im traveling to Japan on a airline staff standby ticket.

On the imigration forms, what do i do about hotel? Does one have to be pre-booked, or can i look for one?

by aaron  

... 2007/10/9 10:38
How about booking a hotel which can be cancelled on the same day/1-day advance. Then you can change your plan without paying a cancellation charge. It is better to book a hotel at least for the day of arrival, I think.
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hotel 2007/10/9 12:28
to JLady and others: what the poster means is that he is not sure until the last minute to actually board the plane so booking a hotel even for a night is a gamble.
I have the same problem and don't book hotels either as once in a while I can't get on as planned. What I do is enter a hotel name and adress (that I got on the internet and where i would like to go) on the form. I doubt if they have staff who go through all the forms, or even a few at random, and call the hotels....
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Hotel in Tokyo 2007/10/9 13:53
I think you can book a room at Shinagawa Prince without entering your credit card. However, I think a courtesy email should be sent if you can't make it or give them a call if you decide to stay somewhere else.
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