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Weather in Tokyo throught the year 2007/10/9 18:25
Tokyo 23-ku
Hello there, i'm sure this question has been asked before, but me and my boyfriend are going to be in Japan between early November and mid June.

I wanted to know whether or not Tokyo is known for having decent weather or if it's as cold as Canada or something. I'm from London so perhaps the weather is similar to there?

Any contributions would be grateful.

by Mr Kennedy  

Tokyo weather 2007/10/9 18:41
Mr Kennedy,

The page below on this site gives details of the weather in Tokyo and other cities throughout the year...

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Tokyo tenki 2007/10/9 21:36
The winter is about as cold as London but much much drier. It hardly rains in fact, so nothing like London at all!

Spring is very changeable- big temperature fluctuations day to day. June is the beginning of the rainy season so fairly humid but not too hot.

You won't be here for the hottest time of the year when we have temps well over 30 deg for a month solid- lucky you.
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Tokyo Weather 2007/10/10 05:09
Tokyo can be very cold in the winter--but not much snow. It's mind boggling to me that many homes don't have central heating. They often use portable kerosene heaters or have those small heatpumps built-in to the corner of each room. Most of the homes I've stayed in have those things, but don't use them. They do have kotatsus which are little tables with electric heaters built under the top where you can warm your legs. Often, there is an electricly heated rug on the floor beneath the table. Anyway, you'll need warm clothes for sure unless you are staying in a place with central heating--like a hotel. May can be wet and rainy--with some nice days. Whatever the weather, I know you will enjoy yourselves.
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