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JR-East Pass Expired Special 2007/10/9 21:38
Prior to my departure for Japan, I contacted a JTB travel agency office in Chicago to purchase 2 JR-East 100,000 Yen special passes. As I understood it, the exchange vouchers must have been purchased before October 1st of 2007, and could be exchanged and used in Japan on or after October 1st for 3 flexible days.

I purchased 2 in September. Just prior to purchasing the passes, I told JTB that we would be arriving in Japan in early october. I was assured by JTB staff that I would alright as long as I purchased the exchange vouchers PRIOR to October 1st even if I was exchanging them for the actual rail passes after September 30th. I even asked to wait while they double checked this.

Cut to October 8th. I'm at the JR East travel center in the basement of Narita, and they are telling me that they can't or won't honor the rail pass special BECAUSE I am supposed to exchange the vouchers prior to October 1st.

I'm going to try another JR Travel center to be certain, but it seems like a safe bet to believe that the JR staff know what they are talking about, right?

Did I get a new JR customer service agent who told me the wrong information, or is JTB at fault for selling me an exchange voucher I might not be able to exchange for a rail pass?
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... 2007/10/9 22:09
I am afraid, the rules were very clear on this from the very beginning: you have to exchange your voucher by October 1.

You should be able to get a refund. Note also that you can purchase one JR East Pass (4, 5 or 10-day version) per person inside Japan:
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3 day special East Pass at Yen 10 000 2007/10/9 22:22
Strange - Because the JR East Railway bulletin no 58 speaks of usage period to October 31st 2007.
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JTB it is. 2007/10/10 00:51
Ok, then my beef is with JTB. I told them exactly when we would be arriving in Japan. They sold me an exchange voucher that I would have never been able to use.

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