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How is honey perceived in Japan? 2007/10/10 01:22
Is honey considered a "healthy" ingredient in Japan?

Also, a friend told me that the Japanese view maple syrup as a premium honey - is this true? Is maple syrup commonly used as an alternative to honey?

What is considered the better type of honey - light or dark colored? Any information on honey / maple syrup preferences and their use in Japan would be appreciated.
by Suzanne  

... 2007/10/10 12:52
Yes, honey is considered healthy food. It is often used for cooking and also as alternative medicine, for example for mouth ulcer or sore throat (add honey to sliced Daikon radish to make a juice). Maple syrup is, in my opinion, used only for pancakes and other sweets.

As for color, I don't see dark-colored honey so often at local supermarkets. (though they can be seen at speciality stores) I think it is mainly related to types of flowers in Japan rather than preference.
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Go to . . . 2007/10/11 08:44
. . . Karuizawa or Yufuin if you are into honey. Seems those touristy places offer many gift stores plying the honey trade. In Karuizawa, you can get your fill just by trying all the samples.

Be aware there was a scandal recently in Japan where honey being sold was not 100%.
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Honey 2007/10/11 12:37
At international supermarkets and specialist shops you can get all kinds of honey- New Zealand and Canadian honey is popular, although expensive.

People here tend to not be used to the stronger tasting honeys eg. manuka, and I don't come across a lot of creamed/ opaque honey here, it is mostly clarified.

Some of the honey sold in supermarkets, mostly of Chinese origin doesn't taste like much more than sugar syrup to me. It seems to be very processed.
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Milk vetch and acacia 2007/10/12 05:14
Popular honey in Japan is taken from flowers called " Milk vetch(renge in Japanese)" and "Acacia".
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health foods and doctors 2007/10/12 10:24
In Japan, honey and mapel syrup is also prefered by natural food lovers and Chinese medicine users. For example, if your Chinese medicine is too bitter, you can mix it with honey or syrup but not with sugar because it honey/syrup is easier on your body.

However, mothers are taught not to feed honey to their babies during the first year. This is to avoid infant botulism.
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Honey 2007/10/13 04:15
I took bottle of honey from our nature education center over to Japan as a gift for my in-laws. They were really very greatful and loved it. My wifes sister said it reminded her of the times they spent in the country as kids.
Based on their reaction, I'd say honey is well received in Japan.
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Active Manuka honey 2007/10/16 21:25
A Japanese friend of mine swears by active Manuka honey from New Zealand as a health food supplement. I've seen Japanese and Chinese people buying large quantities of tihis honey in New Zealand. Not all Manuka honey is classed as "active" ,by the way.
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