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Is credit card accepted? 2007/10/11 14:14
since i will travel with a group of 7 people, i do not want to carry a lot of cash. Is credit is accepted by the train/subway/bus?
by somchai  

Probably not 2007/10/11 19:37
I can only speak from my limited experience. I've been living in Tokyo for a little over 2 months, but everybody seems to use cash. I also don't like to carry around a lot, but basically, everyone told me, "Too bad." I can't say I've gotten used to it.

If you are concerned about paying for the train, subway etc., you're best option is to get a Sucia card. (Search this site for more information.) It's extremely useful.
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... 2007/10/11 21:07
Yes, many transportation companies, including JR, accept credit cards for payments of larger amount. So do many restaurants, hotels and shops.
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shopping 2007/10/11 21:41
100 yen stores do not accept credit cards.

Big department stores do accept credit cards
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Shibuya 109? 2007/10/11 23:08
So a big department store like 109 & 109-2 accept credit cards? Any specific ones? I have a Visa card from my bank (it's not a major Bank like Bank of America). Does that matter?
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VISA 2007/10/12 01:53
Visa is widely accepted and you don;t even have to sign. Make sure you tell you credit card company you will be using your card in Japan or else, they might flag it and you find yourself not being able to pay for your goods.
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... 2007/10/12 09:24
I use my visa credit card fairly regularly. You should be fine at pretty much any place that is a chain like department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels. And I've always had to sign.

One note is that they'll ask you if you want to make one payment or spread out your payments (this has to do with how Japanese credit cards work which is more like a debit card). Anyway, you have to specify one time or your transaction will not go through.

Also, your issuing bank doesn't matter. A visa card is a visa card.
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. 2007/10/12 12:55
JR and other railways accept credit cards, but you need to know your PIN, not AMT PINs, credit card PINs.
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... 2007/10/12 13:25
I have seen posts on that before. Some people report needing a pin and others don't. I personally have never been asked. What you apparently can do is call up your credit card company and ask to assign a pin to your card.
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for JR 2007/10/12 13:31
Apparently if you use your credit card at the vending machines that accept credit cards (usually the purple ones that sell longdistance/shinkansen tickets), however if you purchase it from a point of sale agent, they've never asked for a pin.

Used credit cards at department stores pins never asked, however when I make a large purchase, eg like the other day at Odakyu they will ask how many payments you wish to make (as mentioned above by yllwsmrf) and I usually indicate in one payment.
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Cash better 2007/10/16 20:11
You can use your ATM card in Japan to make cash withdrawals and this is what I have always done rather than use a credit card. In all the countries I travel in I carry my money supply in a pouch round my waist (inside the trousers) and daily cash in a wallet. Japan is a very safe country by the way.
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No pin for credit card transactions! 2007/10/23 11:20
No pin for credit card transactions! Cash advance needs pin

if you use your pin for your credit card, it means you are using cash advance and NOT a credit card transaction.

Be wary! Pay cash if in doubt; otherwise you have to pay 18% in interest per annum.

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fees 2007/10/23 12:33
------Is credit is accepted by the train/subway/bus?--------

Train stations have automated ticket machines where you can purchase a ticket thru.. by using your credit card. You can also use credit card to purchase a ticket directly from the ticket outlet at the station.
With subways (small amount) you need to have cash to buy tickets out of the machine.
With local bus transit, the driver prefers if you have the exact change to put in the money box, regular local people who frequent the bus and the seniors carry a bus card (they just show that to the driver).
For long distance bus rides or a tour you, they accept credit payment for your purchase of a ticket reservation.
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18%? 2007/10/23 14:14
or whatever your APR/ interest rate happens to be- not everyone has the same rate, mine is higher (20.95%), and I know of cards with lower rates (4.99% is the best available at my bank).

Rates vary between countries and also between individuals with different credit ratings in the US I hear.
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