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Affordable hotel Meguro area 2007/10/11 20:20
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm going to Tokyo in November to attend a concert at the Bluesalley club, which is near Meguro station, if I was informed correctly.
Can anyone recommend a good affordable accommodation in this area?
On my last trip my hotel was a short walk from Shibuya station, would this do or is it to far to walk to Meguro?
Thanks in advance!
by TM  

Princess Garden Meguro Hotel.... 2007/10/12 13:11

is within the walking distance from Meguro station - about 4 minutes walk -.
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too far 2007/10/12 13:36
You can walk to Meguro from Shibuya station but it's quite far, it takes me about 25 - 30 mins if I'm walking fast. There are lots of hotels around Meguro station that are reasonably priced.
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There's a hotel... 2007/10/12 13:39
right above Blues Alley. It's called Hotel Wing International Meguro.
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hmm 2007/10/12 13:48
After checking out your venue, it appears to be in the basement of a hotel..you could book there, looks cheap!
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Thanks! 2007/10/12 15:22
Thanks to all for the replies, looks like I didn't read the venue website properly, but then...still trying to get my head around kanji...
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