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English-speaking Churches in Osaka? 2007/10/13 13:17
Osaka City
Are there any english-speaking Churches near Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka?
by Timothy  

suita-bible gospel church 2007/10/26 12:39
There are suita-bible gospel church in suita city.
Pls check their site.
by josh and jude rate this post as useful

J-House 2007/12/7 08:40
There is a church called J-House (Jesus House) in Umeda. Many English speakers attend this church. There is English translation for the first service and the second service is bilingual (English/Japanese). Check out for more information.
by Katie rate this post as useful

Curious 2007/12/13 13:04
I was just wondering, what differences, if any, are there between Japanese Christian services and English ones?
by Dave rate this post as useful

english churches 2009/1/18 00:29
jesus lifehouse is a bilingual church, started just over a year ago and meets in a livehouse in shinsaibashi.
the website is:
by rebecca (guest) rate this post as useful

Christ of All Nations Church 2009/5/28 09:37
Christ of All Nations Church is an international, interdenominational (protestant) church meeting in the Osaka International School in Minoh. Services in English with Japanese translation.
by Andrew Miller rate this post as useful

Christ of All Nations Church 2009/5/28 09:41
The Christ of All Nations Church website can be found at:
by Andrew Miller rate this post as useful 2011/8/24 11:11
To update the information for J-House:
In Osaka, the site is now located at:
by JHouse (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: English-speaking Churches in Osaka? 2011/10/19 00:28
Jesus lifehouse Osaka is 3 and half years old with about 25 different countries attending. 80% japanese 20% internationals. Everything is totally bilingual. Singing Hillsong music and style. in the shinsaibashi area 12 and 2pm Sunday and 7.15 pm tuesday night.

check out the blog or website
by Luke (guest) rate this post as useful

Minoh International Church 2012/2/2 08:49
The Minoh International Church meets every Sunday morning at 10:30am in Minoh (northern Osaka). Predominantly an English speaking church with Japanese language support, members come from around a dozen different countries. Everyone welcome. Details at
by Andrew Miller (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: English-speaking Churches in Osaka? 2012/5/9 00:16
You may be interested in the Takatsuki Bible Baptist Church. The services are in Japanese but they provide English translation of the services. For more details, check out their website at:
by Ruth (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: English-speaking Churches in Osaka? 2012/9/10 10:19
Osaka International Church is an interdenominational Bible-believing church established in 1974 with services in the heart of Osaka (not far from Osaka-jo Castle). Check out to learn more.
by Stacey (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: English-speaking Churches in Osaka? 2013/9/5 22:21
Why not try us? You can find Hope Chapel Osaka here:

We are a modern, bi-lingual church in Shinsaibashi and we welcome everyone, whether you are a christian, and agnostic, or you just want to meet some people!
by Hope Chapel Osaka (guest) rate this post as useful

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