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Loft and Tokyu Hands 2007/10/14 19:34
What is the difference between these two stores? If you are short of time which one would you recommend more?

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alike and close 2007/10/15 09:55
They are very alike, sell a lot of the same merchandise, and are often located very close to each other, so I usually run through both of them when I'm shopping.

Each branch differs slightly though. For example in Shibuya, Hands has more carpentry material while Loft has a book store.

If you can tell us which district you'll be in (if Tokyo, what part of Tokyo) and what type of things you're looking for, perhaps someone can check their Japanese websites for you in advance.
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LoFT 2007/10/15 21:11
If depends what you're after, but my personal preference if LoFT, it's the coolest store on the planet!! Both have very similar ranges, and obviously the bigger stores have more products. Also there seem to me a few more LoFT stores than Tokyu hands, so if you're travelling around Japan, you're more likely to see another store & maybe you could go in one of them...?

Check the websites if you have a specific item in mind.

p.s. did I mention I love LoFT?
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Where are the biggest LOFT and Hands 2007/10/21 11:19
Where are the biggest LOFT and Hands store in Tokyo? Thanks
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Shibuya 2007/10/21 13:47
Sgnuik, both Loft and Hands has it's head store in Shibuya (located pretty close to each other).

It depends on what you are looking for, but generally speaking the Shibuya stores tend to have more variety and are quite large (6 stories for Loft, 7 stories for Hands). At the same time, there are various things that are only available at other branches.

The following are the websites for Loft Shibuya and Hands Shibuya. For Hands, click the icons along the gray horizontal line near the top to see examples of their merchandise.


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LoFT in London??? 2008/9/2 22:41
Can someone tell LoFT that we need a store in London....i love this store!!!!
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Loft 2008/9/3 03:36
a Loft store in London wouldn't be able to sell a lot of typically Japanese stuff, like for example the chairs without legs and the very low tables. In a similar fashion, Ikea in North America doesn't have many of the great designs they have in Europe because it is too modern--and often too small sized--for that market. I do sympathize with you because in North America we can' get the small yet very advanced appliances they have in Europe and Japan. The very few we get cost 3 times the price! not including the taxes the stores always add afterwards.
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