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What is a must "get" in Japan? 2007/10/15 08:17
I plan on going to Japan for about 2-3 weeks. I already know the things I have to see if I'm going to Japan, but what about must get souvenirs? Thank you!
by OP4EVER  

souvenirs 2007/10/15 10:17
There are some useful articles you can only get in Japan. For example, Gosh-Gosh Towel, which is a rough nylon or cotton towel used to wash your body in a bath. It is light and gives a lot of foam. Another one is a small portable warmer called "Kairo", which can be put in your pocket or adhered to your underwear. It will soon be warmed by itself and keep you warm for 24 hours, then thrown away. You can buy them in any drug store or even in a 100 yen shop.
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What kind of item. 2007/10/15 12:44
Those are interesting things, but maybe OP4EVER is looking for something more traditional? Like fans, kokeshi dolls, yukata etc?

It would help us if you told us what kind of item you were thinking of, OP.
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simple 2007/10/15 17:41
Gashopan are simple and fun gifts. They are the toys or odd objects found in vending machines. Buying them for friends at home is a fun and economical gift!
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To the last poster 2007/10/15 19:19
You mean "gashapon" :)
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Sira 2007/10/16 09:23
Actually, I was looking into something more traditional, Sira. The whole modern Japan is great and all, but traditional is something that I really think I should cherish. Any ideas?
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souvenirs 2007/10/16 10:09
I thought you might be.

In that case, good gifts and souvenirs are things like Japanese-style sake sets (jug and small cups), chopsticks ( you can get some really nice designs), lacquerware, teapots and green tea, kokeshi dolls (painted wooden dolls), yukata (cotton kimono), happi (short kimono style jacket), noren (the short curtain that hangs in front of doors),
and lots of other stuff. These are all things I have taken back for my family or bought for myself over the years.

I have forgotten the name of the big store that is halfway up Omotesando that is popular for buying souvenirs- can someone remind me? And the stalls on Nakamise Dori in front of Sensoji temple in Asakusa has a lot of inetresting things.

There are also sections for Japanese items in department stores like Takashimaya (expensive) and Tokyu Hands (more reasonable).
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Arigatou! 2007/10/16 10:23
Thanks a ton!
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Sira 2007/10/16 12:36
Sira, you mean the Oriental Bazaar?
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Souveniors 2007/10/16 13:29
Go to Asakusa or Kamakura. There are many places for traditional gifts.
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must gets 2007/10/16 13:34
On my frequent trips to Japan, I always make sure to bring back some bottles of sake and nihonshu. The ones exported to my home country just don't compare.
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Thanks Sandy 2007/10/16 16:10
Yep, I did mean the Oriental Bazaar.
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Omiyage (souvenirs) 2007/10/16 19:30
Green tea, as someone else has suggested (the best in the world!). Japanese teapot and cups. Small bottles of sake or umeshu (plum liqueur -delicious). Sembei - fancy rice crackers. Miso paste and dashi flakes (to make miso soup) - if you like it.. Japanese pottery /porcelain, eg, sake flask and cups, bowls, or tableware generally .
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