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English version for nissen? 2007/10/15 12:14
really like the clothes fr nissen.co.jp but couldn't understand japanese.Any english version?
by shoppin'Queen  

As far as I know... 2007/10/15 18:16
...Unfortunately not. If you are in Japan (they only ship to addresses within Japan), maybe you could get some help from your Japanese acquaintance/friend here to order it for you?
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English version 2007/10/15 22:00
They used to have an English version of Nissen. I supposed the lack of demand may have prompted them to shut it down.
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Nissen 2007/11/5 22:40
I just ordered some stuff from there, it wasn't that hard, but I can read a little bit of japanese and what I didn't know I used an online translator for.
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alternative sites 2008/10/8 01:04
other alternative is to go through jshooper.com or yesstyle.com
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