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northern lights in hokkaido? 2007/10/16 01:58

Any idea if the northern lights (aurora) appear often in hokkaido and where to observe it?
by kenopps  

... 2007/10/16 09:44
kenopps, I'm afraid that aurora is very very rare in Hokkaido. It is obserbed only once several years.
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northern lights 2007/10/16 13:22
Yes, it's very rare to see the northern lights in Hokkaido and, even if you do, they aren't the colourful displays that you'd see in northern Canada for example. On a world geographic stage, Hokkaido isn't even really that far north. Actually its capital, Sapporo, is farther south than Venice, Italy, believe it or not - 43N vs 45N.
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If you go to . . . 2007/10/17 09:55
. . . Asahikawa, there is a Northern Lights Museum (I think it's called) near the textile museum. I recall seeing video of the phenomenon as well as 'Diamond Dust'.

The textile museum is pretty interesting too. Hard to imagine how they clothe all those little dolls. There is a hairline fit between the different cloths.
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