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What to do before shops open? 2007/10/16 11:02
Tokyo 23-ku
I will be in the following areas on different days:
Okachimachi/Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo Marunouchi, Shibuya/Harajuku.

But I realized most shops only open from 10-11 am onwards. What can I do in these areas before then?
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before shops open.. 2007/10/16 14:51
get up late, have a leisurely breakfast, walk all around the area looking at buildings, at private houses in side streets (around Ueno anyway..) go inside temples and pray. take photos of signs and architectural oddities etc. etc.
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things to do 2007/10/16 15:30
Walk the park, enjoy the sun, take a nice view of nature. Look at the homeless sleeping in tents. Stroll south from Ueno to the shopping zone to figure out which stores you'd like to see once they open - before the huge crowds arrive and it's tough to get enough window time.

Maid Cafes! ^o6 Otherwise, don't bother coming early for the shops unless it's a weekend when some people do some dress up and wander about/sing/perform (assuming the cops don't hassle them). Most you'll get is just wandering around looking at buildings before the shops open.

Tokyo Marunouchi
Look at subway maps, subway time tables, the dome ceiling, wander about, look at all of the shops in the underground mall that have still yet to open, stop at an open cafe to have a coffee and breakfast and wait. Same as Akihabara - not much happening besides people going to work until the shops open up. Have a smoke in the Tokyo Station's smoking section. Read the Tokyo Subway weekly events guide.

People wandering about on the weekends, but again, gotta wait and have a coffee. If it isn't the weekend in Harajuku, you ain't gonna see much early on - otherwise, see lots of people dressed up funny. Next to Harajuku, walk the Meiji park.


Pretty much, for shoppers, sleep in, get breakfast, slowly wander out and hit the stores as they open at 10am. Otherwise, forget about early rising!

On the other hand, if you love photography, sunrise to mid morning photography is good as you wander about the city waking up. Lots of good shots everywhere before the good morning sun goes away.


Oh, and if you're even thinking of going for a Krispy Kreme's donut there, get there well before the store opens to get in line!!!!!! Otherwise, have fun standing in line for 3+ hours for a donut =O
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Tokyo????????????? 2007/10/18 10:57
The early morning is the ONLY time to visit the fish markets this was one of the highlights of our trip so dont miss it

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