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Nikko for Autumn leaves 2007/10/16 18:03
I am planning to travel to Nikko on October 20th. Is it a good time for seeing the autumn leaves? If not, whats the best time?
I also plan to have a walk through Sanjogahara plateau (from Yudaki falls to Ryuzu falls). Is it advisable during these days? What's the daytime temp. range during this time in this area?
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Best timing! 2007/10/19 19:53
It may be too late to answer your question but autumnal leaves are in their peak this weekdends in Nikko area. Temperature is from 5-13 degree and it's a bit cold compared to Tokyo area. Bring a warm jacket and enjoy your trip!
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Still green 2007/10/19 21:35
Just been to Nikko today and still quite green...
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... 2007/10/19 22:25

This year the autumn leaves seem to be a bit late in coming up :)
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. 2007/10/20 05:52
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Ryuzu Falls 2007/10/20 18:11
I guess it varies on location but the Ryuzu Falls area is fully developed and this weekend is considered to be the time to go. Most of the other places like Yudaki and Yunoko are just starting. The temperature on Sunday will be from 8-13 degrees (45-55F), but it will be sunny all day.

Here's a picture of Ryuzu Falls taken on October 16th: http://image.4-seasons.jp/get_img.php?id=12496375
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