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Dec-hokkaido itenary 2007/10/16 22:35
Hi,plse advise on my Itenary:
5 nights based in Sapporo town:
4Dec-arrv Sapporo
5Dec-walking tour-Sapporo
6Dec-Otaru - day trip
7Dec-Hakodate - day trip
8Dec-Nobeitsu/or ???
11Dec-back to sapporo
12Dec-13Dec-Osaka.Free & easy

Please advise if the abv plan.. ok...

by kiko  

... 2007/11/2 08:36
The one way trip from Sapporo to Hakodate takes almost four hours! I don't think it is a good idea to visit Hakodate in a day trip from Sapporo! Or are you planning to fly?

May I suggest the following, more efficient route: first visit Sapporo with a side trip to Otaru and Niseko. Then, take a bus or train to Noboribetsu (some hotels in Noboribetsu offer free shuttle buses from Sapporo to staying guests). Then take the train to Hakodate and fly from Hakodate to Osaka.
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change plans 2007/11/2 10:13
Hi Uji
tks for yr advice..
changed myplans:
4dec arrv Hakodate via Osaka
2 nights -
6 dec JR train to Sapporo
3 nights -
(daytrip - Otaru/Noboribetsu/walking tour Sapporo
9 dec Niseko ski resort
2 nights
11 dec Sapporo - 1 night
12 dec - Osaka - 2 nights

14 Dec - home...

think this is a better arrangement??

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... 2007/11/3 12:17
That sounds much better to me, except that Noboribetsu is a onsen resort, and I find that onsen resorts are best enjoyed by spending a night there. So, instead of visiting Noboribetsu on a daytrip, how about visiting it on an overnight stop between Hakodate and Sapporo?

Hakodate - (train) - Noboribetsu - (bus or train) - Sapporo

As mentioned above, some hotels offer a free bus between Noboribetsu and Sapporo to staying guests:
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