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Cannabis seeds 2004/2/26 06:10
I am a cannabis seedbank owner from Amsterdam, Holland.
I recently notice that there is more interest in seeds from the people in japan, but i know little about the law there. Is there anyone who can inform me about the laws on cannabis there?
by Sativa  

Out of luck 2004/2/26 08:58
Very, very, very, very strict. Pot is on the same level as hard drugs as far as the law is concerned. If caught importing, selling, using, etc. you can expect to some very serious hard time in a Japanese prision.

Just like drinking and driving, Japan is 0 tolerance on all narcotic substances no matter how "hard" or "soft" the drug may be (even some cold medicines like Sudafed - it will be taken from you at the airport).

If you want an example, one of the Beatles, I think it was Ringo, was caught with pot while they were on tour in Japan way back when. The police were ready to throw him in jail. It looked like they were going to do it too and it took a lot of pressure to stop them from locking him up.

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Puff the Magic Dragon 2004/2/26 10:01
Despite the fairly strict laws it still doesn`t mean nobody indulges.... i think Osaka is a pretty easy place to score some weed and anything else you want... especially down in the Ameria Mura district. The problem is that its so expensive to buy over here...... at least thats what all my friends have told me.
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. 2004/2/26 11:21
it is not illegal just to possess the seeds in JPN. But soon after you plant them, you're qualified to deserve free meals and manual labors somewhere in JPN.
Hope that you sell them only at home...
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Totally legal 2004/2/26 12:40
Many residents in Japan do not realise this, but like Pacman writes, Cannabis seeds are completely legal. They're included in "shichimi" spices and bird's food. You practically eat them every day and purchasing or owning are legal. Also Cannabis is a legal domestic industry that produces fabrics and such. The Taima Museum (Cannabis Museum) in Nasu supported by the local police, told me all about it and they sell legal cannabis cookies, bear, candles etc (which is a great surprise for the locals of course!). It is also not against the law to import Cannabis seeds. You can buy seeds from Holland through Japanese websites.

But you need a licence to sprout the seeds. The seeds sold on the internet claim to be "sold for licencees-to-be" (which is a legal business).

So in other words, seeds are okay, but leaves and stems are illegal unless you have the licence. And as for smoking, it is quite out of the question compared to many Western European cities and the society itself if intolerant.

But like Sativa probably has suspected, I doubt that the Japanese who purchase the seeds from him purchase them to use it on spices ;p
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typo 2004/2/26 13:02
Sorry, I had 2 typos in my previous posting.

they sell legal cannabis cookies, bear
- they sell legal cannabis cookies, BEER

the society itself if intolerant.
- the society itself IS intolerant.

Mind you, I'm not on pot...
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btw... 2004/2/26 13:09
Sorry to barge in again :)

I don't know about Ringo, but Paul MacCartny was actually injailed in Japan for carrying marijuana at the airport upon arrival. He learned some traditional drunk-guy songs from fellow prisoners.

It looked really odd to the fans that he was carrying them, because he was so warned about it due to past incidents like us not having the Rolling Stones concert for decades.

Keith Richards raised his fist when he finally went through Japanese customs for the very first time. We all know what he means. He was the key problem for the band not being able to play here.
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Yep 2004/2/26 13:25
It was Paul, not Ringo. Thanks Uco.
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Correction 2004/2/28 02:53
It's me again.
According to the Cannabis Museum, stems are legal as well as seeds. (Roots and leaves are not.)
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LOW COUNTRY`S LAW 2004/4/4 02:01
Hallo. Hoe gaat het? I have visited your beautiful country more than 50 times. As Holland is one of EU countries, someday in the future the drugs, soft or hard, would be forbidden (I mean even the personal use). As for Japan, this country is not so severe as far as the laws are concerned (some other Asian countries require the capital punishment for the importers and users, as you see in the film Bangkok Hilton), but still in the Japanese prison there is no corruption, no telephone, no television, no cigarette (I think letters are allowed to send and recieve, after sensorship). So welcome to Japan, as one of Death Merchants, but please be careful of, not only the policemen, but the professional rivals such as Japanese mafiosi and many others. I think you`d better stay put in Casa Rosso.
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sigh... 2004/9/2 16:38
Toshi here displays a typical ignorant response to the nature and origin of his own country's laws. I love the casual addition of "death merchant" in his response. Hey Toshi, marijuana alone never killed ANYONE umm... EVER.
For more information about marijuana in Japan please visit
available in Japanese and English. Please, educate yourselves.
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qualifier 2004/10/6 10:35
the characteristics of cannabis do not include life threatening side effects when ingested and therefore could not kill anyone -directly-, but indirectly fatal car accidents have been attributed to the use of cannabis. DUI means driving under the influence of -drugs and alcohol-, which nobody seems to respect... not very smart...
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Can any J-pot-heads clear this up? 2006/12/20 17:56
I have heard many things about pot in Japan. From reading your forum, I understand that pot is illegal in Japan. I knew a Japanese girl who was a huge pothead and told me that weed is very cheap in Japan. I have had friends who visit Japan tell me that they pay out the ass for pot.

Does acceptance of marijuana vary strongly by region? Are foreigner's taken advantage of because they don't know that weed is actually really cheap over there?

Thanks for keeping me educated guys.
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Hey guys 2006/12/20 21:00
Yeah they really dont mess around in Japan when it comes to ganj.

I got stoned in Jakarta the night before I was flying back to Kansai. I had absolutly no ganj on me at all when I landed in KIX but the drug dogs were all over me and then they searched all my stuff, brought me into a side room and interrogated me etc. I was absolutly shitting bricks! But in the end they let me go. After that, there is no way I would touch ganj in Japan. Although its the same everywhere here in Asia. Very very dodgy, every time i smoke i realise im taking a risk...Not worth it really.
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Smoking pot in Japan 2006/12/21 13:04
Smoking pot in Japan is REALLY dangerous. It doesn't depend on the region. Once in a while you see articles on the newspaper reporting that high school students had pot or used pot. When a celebrity gets arrested for a tiny amount of pot, they're banned from the society for at least half a decade. If you work and someone finds out you're doing pot, you loose your job. It's that much of a big deal. And yes, there are indeed people who do pot just like that, but don't expect that that is the norm. Do it at your own risk!
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Not worth the risks! 2008/9/7 11:19
I'll take the hard line here because I've seen a lot of foreigners here in Japan rationalize away the risk of possession. They are all idiots.

Come to Japan and play by the rules! Period. And if you think you're above the rules of this country because you're a foreigner, then you deserve to to get caught with your pot and serve hard time in jail. It doesn't matter what you think about the legality or safety of pot because the reality is it's illegal! And here's another reality that stoners fail to remember. If you're a gaijin, you are a much more visible target and your risk of getting caught is 10 times higher. Do you think your nosy neighbors don't notice very keenly what the gaijin next door is doing and the smells that come from his house?

I have a friend who decided that buying his quarter bag in American Mura wasn't enough. He had to start growing the $hit at his house! So he rationalized away the risks of possession (5 years min. plus hard labor, deportation, banned reentry) and willfully chose to put himself, his English school, his Japanese wife and her family's good name in an even higher risk category! And for what? Getting high?

Anyone who can rationalize away these risks must be a frickin' idot!
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not the same 2008/9/8 13:47
The Cannabis plants that are used to make textiles, insulation and lots of other stuff,including seeds used in baking,foodstuff etc.is a variety totally different from the marijuana-producing cannabis. it is called Hemp and is grown legally in countries that crack down on the hallucinating one. Check Hemp on Google!
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dangerous! 2008/9/8 13:53
he is right, foreigners here are targeted like hell. the first time they get you is one year in jail, the second time is 7! recently a sumo wrestler in japan got cauch with it and its getting a big problem now! but many people dont even know about it, my neighbour was growing it outside his fricking veranda! and many university students dont even know what it is. in whatever way is not really worth it, places like roppongi is very dangerous and people get searched out of the blue all the time. unless you live in the countryside is a very bad idea!
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price 2008/9/8 13:57
oh and to answer firefly it might change minimally for the region but mostrly on the dealer, in roppongi usually goes for 6000 a gram which is ridiculous! heard of seeds for 4000 each but growing it with electricity will kill you...dont do drugs!
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