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gothic lolita question 2007/10/17 12:46
i know that gothic lolita's are not uncommon in japan so i was wondering how a american gothic lolita would be treated.
by Brenna  

. 2007/10/17 13:59
People probably won't care or say anything to you. Generational difference I noticed, a Japanese cosplayer was on the train and when she left off at Harajuku station, two older japanese ladies started laughing.

I mean I've seen foreign cosplayers at harajuku they seem to get a lot of attention from the photographers etc, depends on who you run into, but they won't tell it to your face or anything.

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harajuku 2007/10/17 21:19
I think the Japanese cosplayers at Harajuku will love you, the foreign girls I saw there got just as much (positive) attention if not more, than the Japanese girls. As for general public perception, around Tokyo, there are so many people dressed elaborately, I doubt any one will bat an eyelid.
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