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Japan Homestay/Univ Prog. for Winter? 2007/10/17 15:59
Tokyo 23-ku

Are there any Japanese Homestay/University Programs for Winter? (Dec 22nd - Jan 13) Or any tours for 3 weeks? *Tokyo*

Well, I'm planning to go to Tokyo for Christmas, however I'm looking to be part of a Homestay program or Japanese University (Tokyo or Waseda, hopefully) program. But, there seems to be none even after hours researching online...Not even tours that last longer then 7 days.

Can anyone help me with this? I have an aunt living in Osaka, and my Japanese abilities can be considered Intermediate-Advanced. So, local tours are okay too, but I'd like to be part of a Homestay in Tokyo.

Thank you for helping everyone!

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Not exactly sure what you mean but 2007/10/17 20:15
When we speak of "home stay" programs, those are normally exchange programs between SCHOOLS (and mostly high schools), and it's not that individuals can simply sign up. (THere have been similar questions raised, so please try to search the forum threads. There seem to be families interested in "hosting foreign students" in general, so if you are lucky you might find someone, but to be honest over the New Year's holidays it would be difficult...) If you are thinking of universities possibly opening up their dormitories during winter school holidays or something like that (is that what you mean?), I don't think universities here have such programs.

I think that particularly if your Japanese language ability is somewhat advanced you should go for local tours - maybe ask your aunt for help - but for tours within Japan intended for locals, I don't think there is anything that goes as long as one week.
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Re-response 2007/10/18 08:55

So far I'm looking to book 20 days with Aizuya Inn (Has anyone heard of this place? Is it okay?)

Probably, I'll be moving by myself traveling alone and touring alone since nothing seems to be falling according to plan.

Right now, I'm a full-time undergraduate student of The George Washington University in Washington D.C., however the study abroad office doesn't have Winter Break exchange programs. Only Summer, Spring, and the whole Academic year.

Hmm...any special things I should watch out for before going on my trip?

Thanks for answering..

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