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In Transit 2007/10/17 22:09
Tokyo 23-ku
Hey hows it goin?

A group of us are going to be arriving in Tokyo at Narita and then flying out the next day in the morning from Haneda.

We are wondering if theres any place that the airport can set up for us to just have a sleep? Or if its just better to go to Haneda straight away and sleep on some random seats there. We Don't really want to have to book some place in the city and then head out early the next day. Just make things less of a hassle.

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Narita Airport 2007/10/18 22:35
There are no "night" flights in Narita airport, the last passenger flights arrive at around 21.00 h or 21.30 h. Airport then "closes" at 23.00 h. You cannot stay overnight within the airport, but only at hotels near the airport. Transport to Tokyo Haneda by bus, last bus is 21.25 h, first in the morning at 07.00 h.
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... 2007/10/18 22:47
To get to Haneda airport, you have to go through Tokyo central area anyway - my recommendation is to travel into Tokyo upon arrival, and stay over in a hotel near Haneda airport. In terms of location, if you could find a hotel around Hamamatsu-cho or Shinagawa, it would be convenient, then you can just take a short ride on the train (15 - 20 minutes) and get to Haneda airport.
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