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A fast transport to Tokyo Station 2007/10/18 02:31
Tokyo 23-ku
To take the shinkansen at Tokyo Station, what is the fastest way by train or metro from LIDABASHI and what will be the price ? On the Chuo Line, kaisoku does not stop, and futsu does not go to Tokyo Station, if I understand ? Thank you
by Philippe  

Iidabashi- Tokyo 2007/10/18 22:06
From Iidabashi (the first letter is an "i", not "l", just for accuracy) to Tokyo takes about 11 minutes and costs 150 yen, and will require one train change.

Get on the Sobu Line local train (yellow stripes on the cars) at Iidabashi and at Ochanomizu station change to the Chuo kaisoku (orange cars). Get off at Tokyo station about 5 mins later. I can't remember the layout of Ochanomizu station exactly but possibly you will only need to cross to the other side of the platform to change to the Chuo rapid- make sure it is bound for Tokyo and not the opposite direction.

If not you will just need to go down the stairs and up to the adjacent platform. If memory serves me right though the train leaves from the other side of the platform.
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iidabashi 2007/10/18 22:08
It's actually Iidabashi (iidabashi).

Get on the Chuo Local(Yellow) at Iidabashi to Ochanomizu (two stops), change to Chuo Rapid (orange). It's directly across the platform.
Then 3 stops to Tokyo. Easy.
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... 2007/10/19 08:11
Snap, Sandy! Must have been simultaneous posts...
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Aligato 2007/10/19 19:32
Thank you for your help. (I don't undestand the last e-mail but I think it's not very important). You are both very friendly and it's a good start before our flight Paris-Tokyo !
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