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discounts for disabled travelers 2007/10/18 09:09
are discounts available for disabled travelers?

i'm looking for discounts to the rail/ subway/ public transit and any other goodies!

would appreciate whatever info any of you may have. can' t seem to find anything on the JR site or this guide.

by tl  

. 2007/10/19 11:08
I'm not aware of discounts for disabled travelers, but it might depend on the transit agency.

However some tips, avoid rush hour travel with trains are really full. Many stations have lots of stairs. If you need assistance with wheel chairs etc, inform the station staff and they are usualy readily to assist, I noticed that if you tell them the station you are going to, they will call ahead to that station and staff there can assist you as well when you arrive. Though it depends on staffing.

I hope that helps.
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Unavailable for non-residents 2007/10/23 05:07
Sorry to inform you of this, but any discount to transit for the disabled is NOT available unless you have a disability certificate provided by the japanese authority.

Hope you'd have a nice and comfortable trip here though!
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