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a few questions about my trip 2007/10/18 10:29
hello everybody and thanks for this wonderful forum.

i have some questions regarding my trip... It's my first time in Japan and I'll be there for 21 days in December.

5 days and a half in Tokyo.
one or two days in Takayama.
one day in Eiheiji and overnight in the Temple.
5 days in Kyoto.
1 or 2 days in Nara.
One day in Mt. Fuji.
One day in Yokohama to see Boca-Milan!
One day in Kamakura.
Back to Tokyo for the last three days.

1. Is it better to see Mt. Fuji from Hakone or Fuji Five Lake?
2. I want to stop in Kanazawa and ...
3. Is it Takayama worthy in December?
4. For a Temple overnight, Eiheiji is better than Koyasan? I don't know I found it more interesting...
5. Any other suggestions?

I'll see on my way since I have a JR Pass for 14 days. I just want to know what do you people think... I always want to spent one day in some places, and then five, to enjoy a little bit...

Looking forward your suggestions...
Thank you so much!
Laura from Argentina.

by laura Visco  

December 2007/10/18 20:39
If you want to see Fuji san ( on a clear winter day ) it is Hakone with good access even in December. If you want to touch the mountain by your own feet it is Fuji Five lake with limited access by public transport in December.
Make sure all long distance transport: Tokyo - Takayama - Kyoto - Fukui - Nagoya -Tokyo is covered by the 14 days of your 14 day JR Pass. It makes no sense to have a 14 day Pass and then two times 5 of these days you are in Tokyo ( limited use of JR Pass ) and Kyoto ( no use of JR Pass ). Depending on your route either 2 Rail Passes of 7 days each or even single tickets can be better.
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thanks! 2007/10/19 00:57
no, i'll start using my JR Pass at my 6th day there (when i'll start moving...) so there's no problem about it.

thanks anyway.
i'll check out Hakone...
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... 2007/11/3 12:41
Is it Takayama worthy in December?

I think it is worth any time of the year.

For a Temple overnight, Eiheiji is better than Koyasan?

Koyasan is more tourist oriented, while Eiheiji is more targeting serious practitioners of the Buddhist belief, I get the impression.
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