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Any JR train from Narita to Korakuen 2007/10/18 16:29
Tokyo 23-ku
Could anyone please advise if JR pass can be used between Narita and Korakuen station.
I am planning to stay at toyoko inn Korakuen,but unsure if this is the best location for my getaway to Hakone and Nikko.
Many thanks in advance as always.

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josh san has the answer ref! 2007/10/18 19:48
In the future, you can use Jorudan ( for questions like this. However, I will help you out for this one.
There is no single line, but there are very easy transfers. From Narita Airport, I recommend taking the Keisei line directly to Ueno. From Ueno, take the Tokyo Subway Ginza Line towards Shibuya for one station. Get off at Ueno-Hirokoji. From Ueno-Hirokoji, transfer to the TOEI Subway Oedo Line. Ueno-Hirokoji on the Ginza Line is called Ueno-okachimachi on the Oedo Line. They are the SAME station, but simply have different names. Take the Oedo Line towards Tochomae. Two stations later, you will arrive at Korakuen. The total cost is 260 yen and the entire trip takes around 12 minutes (6 minutes on train; 6 minutes tranferring).
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... 2007/10/18 20:36
If you have the JR pass, yes, you can get to Korakuen Toyoko-inn by JR trains only (The above poster's path uses only non-JR.), but the station name would not be "Korakuen" (that would be on subway) but "Suidoubashi" on JR.

Totally on JR: From Narita airport, take the Narita Express to Tokyo station. From there, take Chuo Line (also part of JR) to Ochanomizu (about
10 minutes maybe). Then change to Sobu Line (also part of JR) one station to get to a station called Suidoubashi. You can walk (maybe 10 minutes or so?) to Toyoko inn Korakuen from that station. But if you have a lot of luggage, it might feel a bit long.

If you do not mind a short subway ride: From Narita airport, take the Narita Express to Tokyo station. From there, pay 160 or 190 yen (I forgot the exact fare) to get on Marunouchi subway line to get to Korakuen station (10 minutes' or so ride). That should be a few minutes' walk to the hotel.

There are some comments about the Korakuen Toyoko Inn in this thread:
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JR PASS 2007/10/19 00:28
Thank you both AK and BOB for the information.
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Some ideas... 2007/10/19 09:51
If you want to stay at Korakuen, I would suggest you get the Narita Express to Tokyo station and then take the subway (Marunouchi line) to Korakuen. This is the least number of changes and will put you a few minutes from the hotel. If you go via the JR station Suidoubashi you will have to walk maybe 15 minutes and you will have to negotiate at least two lots of stairs for the most direct route (past the Tokyo Dome), not something you will want to do if you have luggage. The connection by subway to Tokyo station is about 10 minutes.

The other possiblity is to stay at the new Toyoko Inn location at Otsuka:

Make sure it is this one and not their old location around the corner. You can then use your JR Railpass, as Otsuka station is on the JR Yamanote line.

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JR PASS 2007/10/19 12:42
Thank you Rob.
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. 2007/10/19 15:25
If you are using JR, then a good point of access would be Shinagawa station area. Many hotels around there, including a toyoko-inn.

From Shinagawa Station you can use your JR pass at the shinkansen to odawara (for hakone), or use JR up to Tokyo station, transfer to Shinkansen and connections to JR Nikko.
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NIKKO,HAKONE,KAMAKURA 2007/10/19 15:50
Thank you John. I tried to book a room with Toyoko inn in Shinagawa,but they are fully booked.
A part from Nikko & Hakone I am also planning to visit kamakura .Would you or anyone in the forum have any recommendation of inexpensive accomdation in those three places. Would appreciate any advice.
Again many thanks in advance.
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. 2007/10/20 05:12
Kamakura is very very close to Tokyo and Yokohama , many people make it as a day trip and not many stay overnight.
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